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Syllabis Timetable 2022

Syllabis iClass is a platform providing video content that assists learners with subject-related topics. iClass is supplementary to the independent model of learning that we believe in.  We are not an online school, we are a school that provides independent learning and supports this with innovative, teaching-supported videos between 15 – 20 minutes long. Lesson times might change from time to time based on learning requirements.

The purpose of the booking system below is to allow us to ensure that appropriate lesson content is recorded beforehand to tie into the grade of the student, or to ensure we record a live session in the booked lesson.

The timetable is updated every year but may change on a monthly basis as demand fluctuates during the school year.

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To book your class lesson, filter to your Grade and select the day and time available.

Please note we need 3 working days of pre-booking to ensure your spot in the scheduled lesson.

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Request a custom lesson

You don’t have to be a Syllabis student, if you need help we are here for you.

Please note this is just a request for a lesson and not a confirmed booking, we will get in touch with you.

Syllabis reserves the right to do the lesson as part of an iClass video or invoice the learner or decline the request.

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