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Introducing iWizard

iWizard is an educational authoring tool. The Wizard makes it easy to develop customizable lesson content, including assessments.  Content is published directly to the web.

iWizard gives students an interface within which to conduct learning. The interface consists of instructions, assessments, downloadable documents and a vast array of other tools that make learning effective.


Virus Outbreak of 1665

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GOOD TO know


Learning Model

The learning model is based on thorough research into homeschooled and traditional schooled students’ needs when using digital learning tools.


The assessments provide a measurement stick against which you’re learning during the online lesson can be analyzed. Lessons and Assessments can be done over and over.


Students move page by page through each lesson, interpreting content and assessing their knowledge.

Projects and Extended Learning

Most lessons are accompanied with extended learning content as well as excellent project ideas for learners.

When do I use Syllabis iWizard?

  • When I have a problem with a topic and need reinforcement.
  • As extra lessons in general for reinforcement.
  • For revision before tests and exams.
  • As part of my tutoring.
For individual learners not on an applicable Syllabis Education Distance School package: R99.99 ($15 per month).
For institutional pricing, please refer to iSOFT.

A new kind of learning.
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