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Syllabis Education Grade 10 - 12

Syllabis Education has been in operation since 2016.

Syllabis Education Grade 10 – 12 Curriculum packages available for the 2024 academic year:


The Elephant package is best suited for a top-performing learner who can work fully independently and generally requires minimal support and always performs brilliantly. As a result of this, the cost of the Elephant is lower than the rest of our packages but should only be considered in the case of budget restrictions.


The Buffalo package is ideal for the above-average performing learner who can work independently but sometimes needs a little help to get to the grips of a topic or a particular subject. The Buffalo comprises the Elephant package plus the iWizard , iMaster, iWellness, Study Skills, and The 8 Pillars courses.


The Lion package best suits the average-performing learner who can work independently but still needs a fair amount of help to get the grips of a topic or a particular subject. The Lion comprises the Buffalo package plus iNteract (monthly) and Product Theme support features.


The Eagle is the ultimate curriculum package available anywhere you can think of and loaded with learner support features you can only dream of. It has all the features of the Elephant, Buffalo, and Lion packages, plus iNteract+ (daily). The Eagle is a blend of both online and independent learning, with an emphasis on independent learning, which all top educational experts and the most successful entrepreneurs of all time agree with. If your budget allows for it, this is the best value-for-money curriculum available in South Africa today, and if not, then we have the Kudu, Impala, Elephant, Buffalo, and Lion packages to choose from, which combined, make up the Eagle package, plus one or two amazing surprises, all at very affordable prices.

Closing dates for registration:

Grades 10 & 11: No deadline date

Grade 12: 30 March Syllabis Accreditation:

Syllabis Accreditation:

All reputable Distance Education Providers such as Syllabis, are fully accredited if registered as a member of the South African ComprehensiveAssessment Institute (SACAI), established in 2012,

as a non-profit private assessment body that assesses the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training (GETC: ABET) qualifications to a diverse group of candidates. Syllabis Learning Reg. No: 851109

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