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Syllabis Education Grade 4 – 9

Syllabis Education’s Distance School has been in operation since 2016.

Our 100% CAPS based curriculum is presented with unique learning methodology to ensure that our learners successfully complete their grade. The program is fun, creative, and interactive, which keeps all types of students attentive and engaged. Our Grade 4 – 9 Program allows learners to gain the confidence in independent learning.

The distance school program enables students to learn at their own pace and structure their schooling in a way that accommodates their individual educational needs.

Syllabis Education offers 4 Options to parents wishing to join us for the 2024 academic year as outlined below:

Tier 1 (Elephant)

A basic offering which includes online eBooks, access to our learning portal, as well as mid-year and end-of-year exams, marking of exams, formal reports.

Tier 2 (Buffalo)

A basic offering which includes online eBooks, access to our learning portal, as well as mid-year and end-of-year exams, marking of exams, formal reports. This package also includes access to our online videos, our full bouquet of educational animations, tied back to each workbook, as well as access to our online testing tools, and Syllabis iTheme.

Tier 3 (Lion)

The lion package contains the products and features included in the Buffalo package but includes 10 hours of online group lessons with our teachers monthly.

Tier 4 (Eagle)

The Eagle package contains the products and features included in the Lion package but includes daily online lessons with our dedicated teachers in small groups of 5. This also stimulates social interaction in a home-based schooling environment.

Our learners cover all CAPS Subjects in this phase of education.

Subjects in grades 4 to 6:

*English Home Language *Afrikaans First Additional Language/isiZulu/isiXhosa/Sesotho/Setswana *Life Skills *Mathematics *Natural Science & Technology *Social Sciences

Subjects covered in grades 7 to 9:

*English Home Language *Afrikaans First Additional Language/isiZulu/isiXhosa/Sesotho/Setswana *Life Orientation *Mathematics *Natural Science*History*Geography *Technology *Economic Management Sciences *Creative Arts

Once a learner has completed a unit topic, the unit can be ticked off as COMPLETED on their learner portal. This feedback is presented to parents on the parent portal in forms of graphs/percentages complete. Should the learner need additional help, over and above the work done from the eBooks, they are then routed to the iWizard.

There are online quizzes for every topic in eBooks on the iWizard, which provide instant results to learners. These quizzes can be done as many times as needed, until the topic is understood.

For exam preparation, each term has online exam practices for learners to get comfortable with potential exam type questions.

A selection of pre-recorded lessons per grade is contained in the iWizard and can be accessed at any time.

Our Lion and Eagle packages include 2 themes per year, including one project at the end of the year. Small online group tutoring is included in these packages, providing for learners who need more guidance.

We set out the curriculum, unit by unit in our study guides. Learners then cover these units at their own pace, using a selection of tools to enhance and assist per unit.

Syllabis has revolutionary educational animations for every topic in our eBooks for every grade, including Afrikaans and isiZulu! This enhances the curriculum understanding substantially.

Detailed Product Specifications in the below table:

  • Online (Impala) R-3
  • Elephant
  • Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Eagle
Online (Impala) R-3ElephantBuffaloLionEagle
Educational Needs Analysis
Syllabis eBooks​
Printed Activity Books
Mid Year + End of Year Exams
Marking (Grade 4 - 12)
Year end Report
Syllabis Learning Portal
Printed eBooks R-3
Toys for Grade R - 3Base Toy
Syllabis Study Guides
Progress Reporting
Extended Progress Reporting
Online Help - Curriculum Planning
Call in Help - Curriculum Planning
Syllabis iNteract
Daily Teacher Led Lessons
Syllabis iWizard
Syllabis Learning 8 Pillars​
Syllabis iWellness
Study Skills Course
Syllabis iMaster Animations
Syllabis iTheme

Why choose us over other schools or other distance schools?

  • We have been in operation since 2016, we have 7 years of experience.
  • We are certainly the most cost-effective solution on the market, on a cost for value comparison.
  • Our methodology has been proven, and our product is mature, tried and tested.
  • Our content has been developed and compiled by subject matter experts.
  • Our systems are reliable.
  • We offer an excellent customer experience and excellent customer support.

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