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We offer a unique service and product offering in the form of state-of-the-art Accounting lessons for grades 10 – 12. 

The Course starts on the 9th of May. Cost per learner: R299 per grade per year.

Lessons are published every 2 weeks.

The lessons are delivered in the form of an animation, explaining core concepts. After the video animation, a challenging quiz follows, ensuring students master the topics at hand.

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Our online animations make challenging physical science topics understandable and accessible to learners, helping them to prepare for their exams. with confidence.

Accounting Animations

Our animations are prepared by subject matter experts, focusing on core concepts. Following each lesson, is an assessment.


The lessons are embedded in our state of the art learning management system, iWizard. This allows us to enhance the content with additional content and quiz based assessments.

A new kind of learning.
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