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Syllabis Tutoring has been a leading provider of tutoring services in South Africa since 2014. We have the experience, products, and quality to give you the confidence to succeed

While our focus at that time was 1 on 1 personalise tutoring, we have expanded to offer the following products and services around providing various tutoring solutions:

1 on 1 in person tutoring

1 on 1 online tutoring

Group tutoring – online or in person

Study Skills Course – in person or online

Learners License
– K53

Language Tutoring

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Why Choose Us

All our tutoring packages come bundled with our world-class ebooks, Progress Reporting System, iWizard, and iClass.

We offer a pricing option on average 20% less than our competitors with a 100% better value for money solution.

How it Works

  1. Log an Inquiry to Find the Perfect Tutor
  2. A consultant will contact you to discuss your unique tutoring needs.
  3. A free initial meeting will be scheduled with one of our educational specialist tutors (in person or online).
  4. Once you are satisfied with your newly assigned tutor, a package will be put together to meet your needs, and a quote provided.
  5. Once accepted, you will be on-boarded, and tutoring will commence.
  6. We will receive constant feedback from you and your tutor to ensure you achieve your goals.

Tutoring Options

Education your way

Syllabis Tutoring Solutions: Cutting Edge Home Based, Group and Virtual Tutoring Solutions in South Africa.

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