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An ideal opportunity for those looking for something fresh and exciting.

Continuous Earnings

Since TotalPartner is licensed using a subscription based model, you as a Partner will gain continuous earnings from your sales.

Quality First

Quality and customer satisfaction are at the core
of our business.

Never Alone

With a well founded history in franchising and business development, you have access to a strong support base.

You want to grow and become independent.

We’re in the growth business.

Explore our partner programs, find the one that’s right for you, and let’s start growing better together.

Being a TotalPartner comes with amazing economic benefits. By teaming up with us, we commit to providing you with everything you need to acquire new customers and advance existing ones. In return, you will be given the unique opportunity to increase your profits by selling leading distance educational products and services.


As a TotalPartner

High Affiliate Commissions

You are eligible for receiving high sales commissions while growing your customer base. Through our partner program you will have a solid foundation to boost your sales efforts and drive orders home. Commissions range from between 5 – 15% depending on your affiliation model.

continuous earnings

Since TotalPartner is licensed using a subscription-based model, you as a Partner will gain continuous earnings from your sales. This enables you to form stronger customer relationships and enjoy long-term profits.

Powerful Marketing Content

Impress your current customers and generate new business with amazing marketing content – powerful presentations, white papers and ready to go marketing materials. All accessible within SyllabisCRM.

TotalPartner Portal

Our partners get an extensive array of tools to help them manage and grow their territory. As a Certified TotalPartner Expert you will not only know what you’re working towards, but what’s working for you.

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